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A brief introduction of Cotton lace

- Oct 12, 2017 -

Disk machine cotton lace to high-quality cotton refining, high color fastness, fine workmanship, soft touch, fashionable and diverse styles widely applicable Yu Wen chest, underwear, pajamas, fashion, bedding, socks, umbrellas, toys crafts. At present, the main specifications are 64 spindles, 96 spindles and 128 spindles three kinds of models, at the same time according to the type of work, card board machine and computer machine two kinds. The working principle of the disc machine is the screw knitting, which takes the cotton yarn as the main raw material, disc machine in the material is also commonly used cotton, hemp, wool, silk and other natural yarn and chemical fiber line, chemical fiber silk, gold and silver wire, human silk, fancy line, cored line, golden onion, silver onion, satin ribbon rope, etc. instead of weaving more exquisite lace style.