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Brief introduction of Burn-out Lace Fabric

- Oct 12, 2017 -

Burning flower printing, also known as transparent processing, corrosion processing, Japan is called carbonized Printing. is a fabric of two fibres, one of which can be destroyed by a chemical. And the other fiber is not affected; Therefore, the use of a chemical printing paste printing, after the appropriate treatment, so that one of the fiber damage, then form a special style, transparent style of burnt-out printing fabric. China's rotten flower printing fabric started from the 60 's, common have rotten flower polyester cotton fabric and burnt-out velvet fabric two kinds. Early cotton coated polyester long nes made of core yarn woven fabric, after the rotten flower printing system to a transparent, full of concave-convex printing products. There are polyester and cotton blended light burnt-out fabric, flower type nature, unique style, like the cicada yarn, like transparent opaque, colorful, glittering and translucent eyes.