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Classification of Lace Trim

- Oct 12, 2017 -

① Woven Lace

The warp and weft are interwoven by the jacquard mechanism. Common raw materials have cotton thread, gold and silver thread, rayon line, polyester silk, mulberry Tussah line and so on. The loom can be woven into many pieces of lace at the same time, or woven into a single piece and then divided. Lace width is 3~170mm. Lace Shading Organization has plain, twill, satin, honeycomb lines, small patterns and so on. Woven lace texture Close, flower shape has a three-dimensional, rich color.

② Knitted Lace

In 1955, European and American countries began to produce knitted lace on multiple comb warp knitting machines. Most of the raw materials for nylon silk, polyester yarn, etc., so also known as knitted nylon lace. Knit lace organization, there are obvious perforations, light appearance, beautiful.