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The process of Cotton lace

- Oct 12, 2017 -

Crochet machine Cotton side mainly 32 2 strands for the warp hook with 10 1 shares 2 shares ... Multiple or 21 1 shares 2 shares ... Many strands of crochet. Because of its weaving process is different from the disc machine also gave crochet machine lace additional characteristics: a strong three-dimensional and higher single output. Mainly used in fashion, home textiles, crafts, etc. mostly. At present, the main machine specifications have 80CM machine 1.2 meters machine and many other models.

Hand-cranked cotton edge mainly by manual. Because the present labor is relatively expensive also makes its price relatively expensive.

Cotton lace is also called wooden lace (bobbin lace; Cluny lace; Torchon lace), which is the same as the manual wooden lace principle, the basic unit is the intersection of two lines, each of which is arranged by the intersection, in the machine (disk), The rotation of the spindle is shown. That is, the rotor rotates adjacent spindles, so that the exchange of the position produces a nodal point, different rotational combinations, forming different shapes of lace.