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Application Of Mesh

- Oct 12, 2017 -

In order to achieve the effect of light ventilation, running shoes and tennis shoes will use a large area of mesh, while the shoes of the basketball shoes are also used in the tongue part of the cloth products, the other part of the use of cloth.

Mesh is a special vamp material used for lightweight and breathable shoes such as running shoes. The simple thing is to use the cloth to make the upper, but of course it is the exercise-enhanced, in general, the use of special fiber and scientific high-strength network design, the use of 3D die-making woven material uppers have the best breathability and flexibility, so that it is easy to fit, which is now Nike launched no shoe code of running shoes, but also light weight. In addition, can be convenient to use a variety of dyeing and other means to make all kinds of fashion personality styles. It is understood that every year Nike will use this series to set off a fashion trend.