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Application Scope Of Cotton Lace

- Oct 12, 2017 -

Cotton lace has a warm nature, generally in the autumn and winter costumes appear, play the role of warmth. Some outfits use cotton lace to make a thin coat, a summer outfit. This whole cotton lace design out of the jacket, hollow sense is very strong, summer wear will not feel very hot. and cotton lace can be produced a variety of different patterns, usually in the form of corsage and collar in some clothing, increase the sweet feeling of clothing.

Hundred-Hua Lace company produced by Cotton Lace is made of high-quality cotton yarn, produced by the cotton lace work fine, diverse and novel Flower type! And we produce the nature of the lace soft, more will be used to underwear, clothing, so that consumers wear more comfortable, the same time can get more consumers love.